We propose machinery and technical solutions aimed at the RUBBER and SILICONE industries.


We advise you at each stage of your mixing processes, raw material handling, shaping, extrusion line vulcanization, compression vulcanization, injection molding and control of the characteristics of mixtures or finished parts.


Device for weighing, dosing, injection and supervision of the mixing lines.

Bale cutters, band cutters and plate cutters.

Banbury, intermix, cylinder mixers, band coolers and batch off.

Continuous extrusion and vulcanization lines.

Preformers and vibracool to make preforms.

Online cutters and granulation.

Injection machines and compression presses.

Cryogenic machines to remove burrs.

In-line coating machines for tapes, plates and electrical cables.

Automated visual inspection.

Calendering line with up-stream and down-stream.

Production and preparation of conveyor belts.

Production of transmission belts.



We offer different solutions in new, reconditioned and used.

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Looking for a machine?